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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  March 17, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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with the rest of the store. >> in response to this incident and other unsettling things, the sheriff's office is going to put a few more offices in the area to help deal with what has been a troubling few weeks in this rather quiet place. >> you could always tell the quality of a neighborhood by listening. on a beautiful day out, you can hear just the birds. on this corner, that piece was disturbed when a man was caught with his pants down. >> reported she saw a gentleman in a car who was behaving in a way inappropriate, in a public car, in a neighborhood, at the corner of foxborough and cambry. >> after a suspicious fire killed a woman a few weeks ago. many people like to walk around here or spend time outside, hearing about this latest thing makes a lot of folks think twice. >> i can't see somebody doing that on a main street or whatever. you got a lot of kids walking
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up and down. people walking their dogs and everything else. if that guy is going to do that, go to the bathroom or something. >> there's a lot of kids around here and my concern right now would be my wife coming home from work as she walks by. our lab every night. now i have to worry about her. >> everybody is always out walking their dog, you know, whatever. but since there's a fire down the street, kind of weird, and then that. my parents are kind of like, you're not going out alone anymore. so it has been eye opening. >> in response to these feelings of unease. sheriff deputies will be paying more attention to this area, stepping up patrols to help fight crime of any kind. >> neighbors feel uneasy. our job is to help a neighborhood feel comfortable in their homes so we felted it was good to do this. >> just very much have said to the deputies paroling that area that you want to stop in that neighborhood. perhaps more frequently during a normal shift.
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>> deputies say the victim did give a description. he was a white man in his 50s in a gray colored car. deputies stepped up patrols in the area. those have already begun. roosevelt leftwich, abc2 news. the latest on a man accused of setting his mother on fire. baltimore county police have now filed charges in this bizarre case. abc2 news, jamie costello joins us with the very latest. jamie. >> police arrested and charged 23-year-old gordon jenkins with attempted murder. he is charged with arson, attempted murder, and assault. police were called near north point where they found the 47- year-old teresa hamel outside badly burned. her son entered the room and started choking her. she managed to get out of the house. hamel is in critical, but stable condition right now at
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hopkins bayview. no bail has been set. jamie costello, abc2 news. thanks a lot, jamie. a carol county woman is calling on police to file charges, claiming a bully assaulted her son on the school bus. abc2 news, jeff hager joins us now with more on the allegations being raised. jeff. >> west newman, it's what happened on the bus that finds his mother seeking justice now. a fourth grader on that bus allegedly grabbed wes from behind when he was taunting another child, playing keep away, and choked the second grader to the point where he couldn't breathe. the school nurse wrote a report, but the school didn't notify the parents until after wes rode homed on the bus with the alleged bully. >> i would have taken him to the doctor. he was choked. there's serious ramifications. your throat could swell up and even up to an hour later after
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you've been choked and he could not be breathing after that. >> as a result of the incident, the mother says the school elected to transfer her children to another bus rather than punishing the alleged bully. we'll have more coming up at 6:00. jeff hager, abc2 news. thanks a lot, jeff. a really close call on i-95 for a new maryland state trooper. he was a week out of his graduation. he had to jump over a concrete divider to avoid a car. the driver is facing several charges, including dui and reckless driving. all right, weather wise, a nice looking day out there for st. patrick's day. our average high is 55 or so. today we are up in the mid 60s. we beat our average by 10 degrees. must be the luck of the irish. all clear and expecting things to stay dry around here. as we go into saturday morning,
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we could see some showers pop up on the radar, but it's going to be a while. 67 now downtown. how is that? that's an awfully nice looking st. patrick's day. 61 in dc and 59 now in cambridge. so again, a mild st. patrick's day. we like this. here's a look at the rest of the evening. down through the 60s we go. into the upper 50s. a few clouds. staying nice for all the lads and las' out there. we'll have more coming up. kelly. thanks a lot. now the latest in the investigation of anne arundel county executive. john. and attorney for members of his security detail said he is negotiating an immunity deal that would allow his clients to provide information. that's according to the annapolis capital. details of the investigation, at this point have not been released. this week, members of his security detail helped him during his campaign last year when he was recovering from back surgery. and in and out latest
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developments out of japan tonight. the u.s. said it could take weeks to bring the japanese nuclear complex under control. but there's no danger from leaking radiation to the western united states or specific territories right now. u.s. officials are defending their 50-mile evacuation zone for american troops and citizens in japan. the first evacuation flight of u.s. citizens left japan this afternoon. a group of pastors in georgia are making a pretty big sacrifice for lent. the men are not just giving up red meat, they are eating easy to ship rice and protein based food. pastor nathaniel long has been appalled to what those give in a disaster. >> most of the time you collect foods for disasters and as a pastor, i'm appalled that folks are getting stuff that they don't want to eat. >> you start taking smaller
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and smaller bites trying to make it last longer. a cup and a half doesn't look like much, but it fills you up. >> pastors have been on this for five days. the real goal is to help others. the men want to spread awareness about stopping hunger now for an organization that makes and ships out food. >> well the u.s. has set sail on another mission. the hospital left for a five month humanitarian mission. the ship is over to nine countries. it was deployed to haiti last year to help with the earthquake. >> we were able to see the initial response when we were there a year and a half. we will be able to see the difference. it will be a remarkable difference knowing there is work being done by other governments. and the people by haiti. it will be nice to see the
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difference. >> now the navy ship is really like a hospital on water. it has everything you need to treat patients and do surgeries. the comfort will take a two week stop in norfolk, virginia, to stop up more personnel before heading down to the caribbean. in tonight's consumer alert, contaminated food reopened today. the health department closed the restaurant after green pellets that looked like rat poison were found in some of the preparation containers. well, ford's lincoln luxury car brand is the most dependable in the world. that's according to jd power and associates. lincoln took the number one spot in the annual survey. lincoln owners reported the fewest. lexus comes at number two and toyota slipped to 5th place. jaguar and porsche are on the
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top five. nissan's acura comes in sixth place and two more u.s. brands in the top ten. buick and cadillac in 9th. they are both owned by gm. mercedes-benz and hyundai rounded out the top ten. you probably notice that prices are going up at the grocery store. and many blame the wintery weather for the hike in prices. that's the biggest single month climb in the cost of food since 1974. hard freezes in florida where lots of the nation's produce is grown has taken a toll. >> our onions are behind, potatoes are going to be behind. lettuce is outrageous. >> you can't forget about gas. rising fuel cost, some americans are planting gardens to cut down on their food bill.
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diet pop is the second most popular drink in the world. coca-cola sold nearly 927 million cases of its diet soda last year and pepsi told 892 million cases. sales on soft drinks have fanal over the last six years as consumers cut back on spending and switching to healthier alternatives. well you know, it's a ritual for students in maryland and across the country. coming up, it is match day. today we are at john's hopkins to see where our med students are headed. and it's march madness. many people are joining the office pool for their brackets. some people can go over board at the office. plus, babies are not always born picture perfect. babies can have little things. advice for new parents that may be looking at head shapes and freaking out.
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all right, let's face it. most of us are addicted to our cell phones. i wish i had mine with me right now. do you ever wonder whether it's an unhealthy relationship? joe is here with a new study that is debating that question. listen up. >> all new questions. many people have long wondered whether our addiction to our cell phones has an impact on our health and a new study shows there is an impact and it is also raising new questions. tonight at 11:00, we'll give you details on the study, which was led by the national institutes of health. in that study, the researchers tested patients measuring activity in their brains. they did find a connection between cell phones and brain activity. the only problem is, they still don't know what that means. >> we can't say whether it's
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bad, whether it's harmful, whether it's good, whether we are exercising the brain cells. but we can say there is activity. >> tonight at 11:00, the chief of neurosurgery weighs in on that study and he gives us his take on whether it's okay to hold the line or whether you should drop those cell phone calls for safety sake. that's at 11:00 tonight. josie, abc2 news. now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate. >> josie, you are so qualified to do that story, you know, because you have spent some time on your cell phone. on occasion you are on it. 64 degrees right now -- i don't know if texting counts. 64 degrees right now. winds out of the southwest at 8 miles per hour. a nice warm st. patrick's day. good times downtown.
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i'm telling you, downtown canton, the inner harbor, everything looking good for your st. patty's evening festivities. how about a look at ellicott city. just fantastic weather across the board. show you temperatures, a calm day out on the chesapeake. all clear right now. we think this will remain the case tomorrow, tomorrow night. it's primarily saturday morning, but we may get a brief round of showers. look at these numbers, this is outstanding. the beach is chilly, but most of maryland in the mid 60s. 10 degrees above our average. and our winds have been light out of northwest and a very pleasant afternoon. high temperatures pushing up as warm as 66 in frederick today. and 55 out at the airport. neighborhood by neighborhood, tomorrow we'll add a 12-degree surge to that tomorrow. a mix of clouds and sun. 75 inner harbor.
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about 77 tomorrow. oh man. gorgeous stuff. i wish i could tell you it's going to last all weekend. we will cool things off saturday and sunday. enjoy it out there tomorrow. a few clouds blowing in out of the west tomorrow. nothing on the radar anywhere up and down the east coast right now. you have to get way out to chicago and beyond where i'm sure they are having some big st. patty's day festivities. the closest act of weather, way, way west as high pressure sits on top of us. our future cast as we go into the day tomorrow, brings in a few clouds. warm day, breezy, and as we go through friday night into early saturday, we'll stop right here. 8:00 saturday morning, not an impressive area of rain. we may get brief showers early saturday and we dry things out late in the day on saturday. so that will be dry for the rest of the weekend. overnight tonight, 44, mostly clear. not that cool by mid march standards. tomorrow, 76 degrees. we will be 20 degrees above average tomorrow. that's going to be a great day.
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tomorrow night around 50 or so and mostly cloudy. seven-day forecast, take a look at this. you know what? this is good looking weather here all weekend. again, the possibility of an early morning shower saturday, kelly, but anyone who sleeps in, you're probably going to miss it. most of the weekend is dry. ironically, the first day of spring, that has not changed. but again, nice looking weather there. >> okay, nice tie, doesn't look green on tv, but it is green. >> we have that bright green weather wall. i can't wear a bright green tie. >> set the record straight. thanks a lot, wyatt. today, everybody seems to be in the st. patrick's day spirit. even people at the white house. the fountain on the front lawn, they died it green. this is the third time for the shamrock colored fountain. first lady, michelle obama was
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inspired by chicago. meeting with ireland's prime minister today. and the st. patrick's day celebration started early this morning in canton. people are already enjoying themselves with lots of drinks. you can expect that to continue throughout the evening as many places will be filled up tonight. and check out these cute st. patrick's day photos. stephanie and patrick sent us this picture of their dogs. very, very cute. now here's important information, if you need a cab while you are out drinking, the tipsy taxi service is in baltimore city. offer free rides home for people who are out drinking in baltimore city at a bar or restaurant from 4:00 until 4:00 tomorrow morning. wow. you can get a free cab ride home, up to the cost of a $50 cab ride. the number to call for that
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free ride, 877-963-8294. and tonight, st. patrick's day celebration is going to mean more than just the guiness headache. if you have to drive in canton, you have to get through a headache of traffic, too. it's blocked off through 7:00 a.m. saturday morning. that is a long party. donald street will be closed in both directions and portions of south curly will also be closed. make sure you double check where you park, because parking is going to be restricted all over the place. wow. better take that. people around the world are wondering what will happen with the threat of radiation leaks. ahead, we'll have all the facts about radiation and if it will pose a problem for you. and a perfect newborn is only delivered in movies. more on some of the surprise inperfections you might see on your own baby and what you can do about it.
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in tonight's health alert, people around the world are waiting and watching as the threat of radiation leaks from japan's nuclear reactors continues. bottom line, here are some of the facts. when people are exposed to high levels, there is threat of serious illness. mild exposure can lead to nausea and headache. severe doses can lead to death. those who survive exposure to higher levels of radiation are at a greater risk of cancer later in life. the centre for disease control and prevention say the situation in japan does not pose an immediate danger to anyone here in the u.s. >> health officers are
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monitoring and certainly alert the public is ever in real threat. >> americans are typically at least at a threat for small amount of radiation per year. well, if you ever wonder who those spots are, what that rash or bumps are on your newborn, don't feel bad, you're not alone. if your baby has acne, don't worry, it should clear up. if your baby is cross eyed, no fear, once the muscles around his or her eye strengthen, the baby should be fine. >> patients should be patient. >> many imperfections can be startling. most go away in a few months. here's some great news for dog lovers out there. new studies show that dogs are motivators to get you off the
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couch and exercising. dog owners are more likely to take regular walks and more active than people who don't have dogs. nearly half of dog walkers exercise an average of 30 minutes a day at least five days a week. a third of those without dogs got that regular exercise. abc2 has been spreading awareness about the important cause of multiplesclerosis. on april 2, you can take part of one in frederick. april 10, there's one in towson. if you'd like more information, you can log on to www.walk/ people around the world have their eyes glued to tv sets, computers, and phones to stay in touch with what is happening in japan. the threat of nuclear meltdown continues. we'll have more on fierce across the seas and how the u.s. is working to get americans out. and with the luck of the irish, recent medical student
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graduates have landed that dream job at a hospital of their choice. how john's hopkins is celebrating match day.
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now, abc2 news at 5:30. from the u.s. to japan, people are trying to figure out the danger of a nuclear meltdown, what the u.s. government says about the possible dangers. cutting out the chitchat at work. some medical center workers say their boss used a baby monitor to listen in on their conversations. and thousands of new doctors find out where they'll be starting their careers. how john's hopkins is


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